What is ITAA?
ITAA is a Skill Tech Organization which provides practical based Accounting and Taxation courses for various levels of accounting & working professionals

How is ITAA important in Accounting & Taxation careers?
ITAA understands the importance of practical learning and application in the field of Accounting & Taxation. 70% of the curriculum is focused on understanding and application of Practical Accounting & Taxation. This will help you to carve a successful career path.

Why is ITAA the perfect choice to learn practical accounting?
ITAA has an Accounting solution providing company with the name of “VR Accounting Solution Pvt Ltd”. This makes it always in sync and updated with Industry relevant procedures and practices and also sets us apart from the others. That makes ITAA a perfect choice for an aspiring accountant.

Why did Tally Academy choose us as Assessment & Training Partner?
ITAA’s courses are partnered with many colleges in Mumbai & Gujarat and also are approved by the Chartered Accounting Committee. The syllabus is based on practical training with a vision to provide practical knowledge to accountants, making it one of the esteemed selective partners of Tally pan India.

Which technology does ITAA use for the training & during the course journey?
ITAA is a next generation skilltech in Accounting & Taxation training! With this endeavor we use various technologies during the course journey, making it easy to access and complete the course with ease for students. For example: Learning Management Application, Live interactive session with faculty, self assignments, Project completion etc. to enhance their knowledge and skills.