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RERA Finops
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  • Duration
    20 hours
  • Modules
    3 Modules
  • Certificate
  • Faculty
    Qualified Chartered Accountant & RERA Experts
Course Overview
RERA is revolution in the real estate industry. It sets out to protects both the buyer and seller from various malpractices. This entails many new rules, regulations, accounting and taxation related compliances. This course gives you in-depth knowledge of RERA act and it's applicability including all the practical aspects of the law
What You’ll Learn
  • Basics of the Real Estate Industry and the RERA act
  • Registration and Various forms under RERA
  • Project timelines on Real Estate projects
  • Deep dive into the RERA act
  • Accounting changes required for RERA Compliance
  • Basic introduction to Litigation under RERA
  • Introduction to basic concepts of Real Estate Industry
  • Evolution of Real Estate Market, Building and Plotting projects
  • Floor Space Index (FSI)
  • Various Competent Authorities under MRTP Act and technical concepts like Commencement Certificate, Occupation Certificate
  • Completion Certificate
  • Need of the regulation governing Real Estate Market
  • Basic provisions of the RERA Act and intention of the legislature behind enacting those provisions
  • Various important definitions as per RERA Act, Duties and obligations of Promoter (Developer)
  • Who is liable to register the project
  • When to register the project
  • How to register the project
  • Provisions of the Act governing the Real Estate project registration
  • Checklist of the requirements for project registration
  • Register the project by giving screenshots of the Actual registration window of the MahaRERA Web portal
  • Submission of the information on the MahaRERA Web portal till the submission of the required documents for project registration
  • Form 1 – Architect Certificate
  • Form 2 – Engineer Certificate
  • Form 3 – Chartered Accountant Certificate
  • Form 5 – Annual Audit Certificate
  • Form 2A – Quality Assurance Certificate
  • What to update in Real Estate registered with MahaRERA
  • When to update Real Estate registered with MahaRERA
  • Why to update Real Estate registered with MahaRERA
  • Review of various circulars/orders issued by MahaRERA governing Project updates
  • Types of Real Estate Extension
  • Procedure for obtaining extension of the Real Estate Project
  • Documents required for obtaining extension
  • Various circulars/orders issued by MahaRERA governing Extension of the Real Estate Project
  • Actual procedure to update various modules on MahaRERA webpage
  • Actual procedure to obtain extension u/s 6 as well as u/s 7(3) of RERA Act
  • Basic concepts of Accounting for Builder/Developer Companies
  • Interlinking of information provided to various statutory Authorities
  • Introduction to WIP method of accounting
  • Matching of Form 3 – CA certificate with books of Accounts and records submitted to Income Tax Department
  • Detailed analysis of each field of Form No.3 that is Chartered Accountant Certificate
  • Intricacies of details submitted in Form No. 5 that is Audit Certificate
  • Duties and liabilities cast upon promoter by way of Section 18 of the Act
  • Introduction to Dispute Redressal Mechanism of RERA
  • Forms of Complaint and Execution Procedure
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