Get Skilled on a Global ERP
Learn the FI & CO modules on the latest S4/HANA Version by certified SAP Professionals
  • Duration
    40 Hours
  • Modules
    FI & CO
  • Certificate
    ITAA Certified SAP Professional
  • Faculty
    Globally Certified SAP Professionals
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Course Overview
SAP is a globally used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It is the market leader in ERP solution ITAA' SAP Specialist Program aims to make you a competent as a consultant of the SAP FI and CO modules. Our course is aligned with the latest industry standards and has been curated in consultation with SAP experts and hiring managers.
What You’ll Learn
  • Basics of SAP Business Consulting
  • SAP Consultant Roles and Responsibilites
  • Deep Dive of SAP Operations and Configuration
  • Analysis of accounting impacts and finance Business Processes in SAP
  • Global settings of SAP
  • Hands on knowledge with practice servers
  • Origin of SAP
  • Definition & Characteristics
  • Types of Projects
  • Transport Request
  • ASAP Methodology
  • SAP Landscapes
  • Basic knowledge about client
  • Transport Movement from One client to another Client
  • Definition & creation of Company
  • Define Business area
  • Define credit control area
  • Define functional area
  • Define Chart of account
  • Assign company to company code
  • Assign credit control area to company code
  • Assign Charts of Account to company code
  • Activation of Functional area
  • New GL Overview
  • Overview and creation of Ledger
  • Definition of Fiscal year Variant
  • Definition of Posting periods
  • Document Type
  • Number ranges
  • Posting Keys
  • Define Tolerance Group for User
  • Field Status Variant
  • Form 1 – Architect Certificate
  • Form 2 – Engineer Certificate
  • Form 3 – Chartered Accountant Certificate
  • Form 5 – Annual Audit Certificate
  • Form 2A – Quality Assurance Certificate
  • Creation of Account group
  • Define Retained Earning Account
  • Tolerance group for GL accounts
  • Creation of GL account
  • General ledger Postings
  • Park/Hold document
  • Reversal of documents
  • Various GL Reports
  • Creation of customer Account group
  • Creation of Customer Reconciliation account
  • Creation of customer number range
  • Assign customer number range to Account group
  • Creation of customer Invoices & credit memo
  • Define terms of Payment
  • Posting of customer clearing
  • Posting & clearing of Incoming Payment
  • Integration of FI-SD
  • Customer Down payments
  • Dunning Configuration & processing
  • Customer Reports
  • Creation of Vendor Account group
  • Creation of Vendor Reconciliation account
  • Creation of Vendor number range
  • Assign vendor number range to Account group
  • Creation of Vendor Invoices & debit memo
  • Posting of Vendor clearing
  • Posting & clearing of Outgoing Payment
  • Vendor Down payments
  • Integration of FI-MM
  • Vendor Reports
  • Creation of Bank master data
  • Creation of House bank
  • Creation of Check lots
  • Configuration of Automatic Payment Programme
  • Configuration & Process of Withholding tax
  • Exchange Rate Types
  • Direct & indirect quotations
  • Maintenance of Exchange rates
  • Configuration & process of Withholding Tax
  • Definition of Charts of Depreciation
  • Basic Settings for assignment
  • Assignment of Charts of Depreciation to company code
  • Define Account determination
  • Define Screen layout Rules
  • Creation & Activation of Asset Class
  • Creation of Depreciation Key
  • Creation of Asset
  • Acquisition Posting/Retirement of an Asset
  • Asset Explorer
  • Scrapping/Transfer of asset
  • Depreciation Run
  • Asset under construction
  • Define Financial Statement Version
  • Definition of Condition types
  • Tax calculation procedures
  • Definition of account keys
  • Creation of tax codes
  • Definition & Maintenance of Controlling Area
  • Define number ranges for CO documents
  • Maintenance & definition of Versions
  • Definition of Cost elements
  • Creation of Primary Cost elements
  • Creation of Secondary Cost elements
  • Cost Element Categories
  • Creation of Cost center
  • Creation of Cost center Group
  • Cost center Planning
  • Cost center Reports
  • Define Activity Type
  • Define Statistical Key figures
  • Basic Setting for Profit center
  • Creation of Profit Center
  • Creation of Profit Center group
  • Assign Profit center to cost center
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